April 17, 2022


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An 8 Ball pool consists of 15 balls, out of which 7 are solids, 7 are stripes, and one ball numbered 8 which is black in colour. The solid balls are numbered from 1 to 7, while stripes balls are numbered from 9 to 15. There is a cue and a white ball. You have to take a shot by hitting the white ball with cue help. The white ball should be shot in such a way that it hits the other balls and pocket them.

A player has to pocket all the stripes or solids. As the game starts, balls are arranged in a triangular form on the pool table. The player has to shoot the placed balls. The ball, whether it is strips or solid, gets pocketed first. The player has to lift that form of a ball for the rest of the game. The player continues to steal the balls until and unless he misses the shot and no balls are pocketed. Once the player cannot lift the ball, the second player gets his turn.

After pocketing all the balls of the same kind, the player goes behind, lifting the 8 ball. Once the pockets the 8 ball, the game will be over, and the player who pockets the 8 ball will win.


  • The player has to pocket the 8 ball in the last, that is, after swiping all stripes or solids.

  • The player has to pocket only one kind of ball, whether solid or strips. If he lifts the other, then it is considered a penalty.

  • If the player hits the white ball and goes in the pocket, it is considered a foul, and the other player gets the ‘ball in hand’. He can put the ball wherever he wants on the table and take his shot.

  • If the player hits the cue ball and does not hit a coloured ball, then it is considered a foul, and the turn goes to your opponent.

  • If the ball does not touch a rail after hitting, it is also considered a foul, and your opponent gets the chance.

  • The black ball should be pocketed at last. If you pot it before potting the other balls, you will lose.

  • Even if you pocket the cue ball along with the 8 ball, whether it is your match-winning shot, you are still going to lose. Hence the cue ball should not be pocketed along with the 8 ball.

  • Even if there is a last coloured ball and you shot the black ball following the coloured ball, you are still going to lose. The black ball should be pocketed alone.

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