April 17, 2022


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Carrom board is a table-top game with its roots in India. It is another one of many gifts from India to the world. Many board games originated from India, among which carrom is the most famous one. The game requires concentration and skill to play. This game is the Indian pass time. People still play this classic board game in their houses. Nowadays, you can find these board games on your mobile phones. Game Climax is a game app development company. We can help you create such board games online.

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A carrom board consists of a whiteboard with four holes on each corner of the board in which you have to pocket the coins placed in between the panel. The pink coin is placed at the center of the table, whereas all other coins are placed around the pink coin. The black and white coins are put in alternate sequence around the pink coin such that the coins touch the pink coin. The remaining coins are then placed around the first layer of black and white coins touching each other. But there are no worries about placing the cash in the Game Climax app. They are automatically placed at the center as you start the game.

There are 19 coins, out of which nine are black, nine are white, and one is pink in color. The player has to insert these coins in any of the four holes. The point system of the cash is as follows:
Black coin gives 10 points, whereas white cash provides 20 points. The pink currency is called Queen, and it offers 50 points to the player.

The basic rule to win the game is that you have to pocket more coins than your opponents to win the game. The player has to steal another coin to pocket the Queen just after lifting the Queen. If the player cannot pocket another cash, the Queen will not be given to him and is placed at the center of the board again. The player who pockets a coin after pocketing the Queen will only possess the Queen and is rewarded with 50 points. So the player's primary focus should be on the Queen as you get a good amount of points if you take out the Queen first.

One of the main components of carrom is the striker. Generally, it is larger than the other coins and is used to strike them. You have to pocket the coins with the help of a striker. The striker should be stroked and not dragged along with the coin. It is considered a penalty if the striker also gets pocketed along with the coin. In-Game climax app, you just have to aim the striker and release. It automatically strikes the required coin for you.
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