March 09, 2022

Snake and Ladder

A dice is used to start the game, and the aim is to reach the last box, which means the 100th one from the beginning, which means from the first box.

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What is a Snake & Ladder Game?
“Moksha Patam” is the authentic name of the Snake and ladder game initially originated from India. This snack and ladder board game can be mainly played by many or a minimum of two players, and also it is well-known worldwide. It is coated with 100 numerals and gridded squares, with numerous snakes and ladders printed on them. A dice is used to start the game, and the aim is to reach the last box, which means the 100th one from the beginning, which means from the first box. The player will be supported by the ladder to reach the goal and, sometimes in between, delayed by the snake.

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What does a person need more than having fun with utmost advantages? Getting rewards in the form of real money can be the best adventure while playing your favorite game. Therefore, we at Game climax present an actual money-rewarded snake and ladder game so that you can deliver your audience with a real money-earning game in which they can use their aptitudes to earn amazing rewards.​

Segments of Snack and Ladder Game Development

Play online with actual money
Play the fascinating Online fantasy board Snack and ladder game and earn real money rather than playing it offline as a time pass game.

Enjoy with your buddies
Play the game with your friends and family. Also, you can add them to your buddy list or can sync your social media friends to it and can enjoy the game whenever you want.

Fast Assurance and Withdraw Money
If you are worried about the money-making in the game, then do not as we create games that support speedy deposit and money withdrawal.

Withdraw Record
We create a separate column for your money withdrawal history where you can see your previous transactions.

24*7 Live Support Attribute
We create a channel that connects the players to the back panel with the 24*7 support system.

Play as a guest attribute
We provide a lot of qualities in the game in which one of the features shows you that you can also play the game as a guest if you do not want to make an account.

Services we provide for the snake & ladder game development

Observing the Function
We observe each process and the fluidity of the server application before executing it on the outlet.

Performance and Designing
We ensure the performance and design of the app while programming to configure and control the server.

Analyzing Possible Hazards
We analyze all types of safety logging with the most suitable routine means to stop undesirable hazards.

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