April 17, 2022


Teen Patti is a renowned card game developed in India and is very popular throughout the world.

Teen Patti is a renowned card game developed in India and is very popular throughout the world.
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Teen Patti is generally played by 3 to 6 players in which each player has three cards with them, excluding jokers. Jokers are not considered in teen Patti as cards. They are kept aside. The game starts by placing some bets. Usually, an amount is fixed, which all the players have to put in a chance before the fun begins. After the collection of bets three cards are given to each player. Note that the players are not aware of the cards given to them. They are kept face down.

As the game begins, a player has to make a call or raise the pot amount. If the player makes a call, he will continue the game but not put more cash in the pot. But if the player raises, he is adding more money to the pool, making him lose or win more money than before, depending on his cards. Unlike poker, if the next player is also raising, he has to bet the equal amount presented by the previous player. You can also play blind, i.e., you can call or raise even without seeing your cards.

As the game progresses, the bet amount increases, and the person who stays till last wins all the money.

1. The aces are considered to have the highest rank, whereas 2s are the lowest in rank.
2. Ranking of cards:

The combination of three cards of the same rank is called a trail like the set of three aces or three kings. A group of three authorities has the highest level, whereas the set of three 2s is considered lowest in rank.

Three cards in continuation from the same suit are considered straight flush or pure sequence.

Three cards in continuation but not from the same suit are considered sequence.

Three cards of the same color but not in sequence are considered colors.

Two cards of different suits having the same rank are considered in pairs. The pair which is highest in position will win.

When the three cards are neither in sequence nor from the same suit, and there are no two cards of equal values, if two players have a similar high card, the next card will decide the winner.

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