10 Tips and Tricks to Win An 8 Ball Pool Mobile Game Like a Pro

In this “all you need to know” guide, you will learn about some of the unique features, the rules, the gameplay, and the tips and tricks to play 8 ball pool mobile game.

With the launch of Jio, around 70% of the population of India has access to the internet. With the increase in internet users in India, the relevant field, mainly digital, found various opportunities, and one such opportunity was grabbed by a Mobile game development company in India. Many businesses and entrepreneurs started their own gaming companies that are now worth Billions of dollars. One such game is an 8 Ball Pool game. The 8 Ball Pool game is one of the most popular mobile games out there. Since the online game mode first appeared on the market in 2013, its daily downloads and user base have grown dramatically. The game keeps you on the edge and is quite addictive. Pool games have a devoted following all around the world, and their popularity is only growing. Let us know more about the 8 Ball Pool.

What is An Online 8 Ball Pool?

The 8 Ball gaming is similar to billiards and snooker. 8 Ball pool, one of the most popular games is played with cue sticks, one cue ball, 15 object balls, and one black 8 ball. The object ball consists of numbered solid balls from 1 to 7 and numbered stripped balls from 9 to 15. The Cue stick is used for striking cue balls. We will be discussing more about 8 ball pool mobile game rules and gameplay in the paragraphs below.

How to Play an 8 Ball Pool Mobile Game?

The 8 ball pool game is simple to understand but needs skills to beat pro players. In the beginning, you may find it hard to play the game as you have to be familiar with the stance and correct posture to hit the cue ball, but after a few games, you will get familiar with the game.

8 Ball Pool is a skill-based game where you pocket your group of balls ( striped or solid ), while the game is mainly a skilled base game but luck factor also plays a major role.

Guide To Play 8 Ball Pool Game

  • Place the object balls in a triangle shape. The apex ball rests at the foot spot because the object balls are arranged toward the bottom section of the table. Aside from the black ball, you can put the other balls at random. In the middle of the third row, this black ball is positioned.
  • A coin is tossed to determine who will break first when the game begins.
  • The player must strike the balls in order to make a legal break, ensuring the cue ball doesn’t land in a pocket and that four balls hit the cushions.
  • A player has the right to request a re-rack if they pocket an 8-ball.
  • The player pots the assigned ball until all of the assigned balls get pocketed including 8- black balls.
  • Once all the object balls are pocketed, the player can pocket the 8-ball.
  • During the game, if a player misses a shot, the opponent gets the turn and this cycle continues.

Tips and Tricks to Win an Online 8 Ball Pool Game like a Pro

Here are a few Tips and Tricks you should know before playing an 8 ball game. It will increase your chance of winning if applied correctly.

Know the rules of an 8 Ball Pool Game:-

Almost all gamers don’t read the rules effectively as they should. It’s better to at least run through the rule section one time. This will help you to understand the game better and use it to win the game easily.

Here are some of the important 8 Ball Pool game rules –

  • Make sure to pot the black ball after pocketing all of your object balls.
  • Make sure to not pot your cue ball along with your object ball as it will be seen as a foul.

Choose Your Game Mode Before Playing The Game:-

If you’re a beginner then make sure to choose the game mode with which you’re familiar or basically choose the easy one. If you choose harder ones then you might lose the game and the coins you have put on the table. Try the harder level after you become familiar with the easier ones as with the difference in level, new rules and restrictions also apply.

The Break – Taking Down The Triangle Rack:-

Make sure to Break the triangle rank well with a good hit, as it will help to spread the ball around nicely. Pro Gamers use this tactic to turn the whole table in their favor. Spreading the ball nicely will help you to pocket them.

Choosing Spots or Stripes:-

After breaking you need to choose the ball to which you will pot afterward, It is not necessary to choose the ball which you may have pocketed during the break. Make sure to look carefully at the table and the ball and choose the ball which gives you a higher chance of pocketing after the break.

Choosing Your Cue Sticks:-

As you will gradually progress in the game, you will need a better cue stick as in the game there will be different cue sticks that offer different abilities like power, spin, better aim, etc. Make sure to save your winnings to buy better cue sticks.

Watch your power:-

Make sure to apply relevant power before striking the cue ball, and observe the distance between the ball you want to hit and the distance between the ball and the pocket. Understanding the power will give you a huge boost in winning the game

Plan your shots in advance:-

Consider thinking one, two, or even three shots ahead. With that in mind, you can begin to consider the type of spin or amount of power your shot needs. Even if the game clock limits how much time you may spend analyzing your shots, doing so is absolutely necessary if you want to better your game.

Spin The Cue Ball:-

The cue ball spins differently depending on where your cue stick makes contact. You can use the spin feature in your favor if you have skills. The spinning feature helps you to hit your object ball even if it’s not in your line of sight. You can use this feature either to pocket your ball or disrupt the opposition’s object ball.

Keep playing:-

The top player in the game is at the top for a reason. They have invested their time in the game to improve their skills and refine them in a way where they can overcome any situation given. They exactly know how much power to use, when and in which direction to strike, etc.

Aim Practice:-

One of the most important things in the game is aiming. You might improve your aim after playing 100s of games but to be at the top of the game, you have to play a lot, and aiming is a factor that will help you a lot in the higher levels.

Top 8-Ball Pool Mobile Game

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  2. 8-Ball Pool by Miniclip
  3. Gamezy
  4. Billipool – Ball Shooting
  5. Pro Pool 2022

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned are a few important 8 ball pool mobile game tips and rules to keep in mind when playing an 8 ball pool mobile game. You can increase your chances of winning by using these 8 Ball pool game tips.

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